For Trainers

Whether you're a trainer at a local gym or a licensed ATC, the TheraGun is the ideal device for an athlete’s muscle treatment. In order to provide deep muscle treatment, most devices and therapies cause a great deal of pain, limiting their effectiveness and causing discomfort. The TheraGun’s AmpBIT uses a strong percussive force on the muscle that creates intense blood flow to help the muscle recover without the pain normally associated with deep muscle manipulation. The TheraGun uses a unique combination of frequency and amplitude that inhibits the brain from sensing pain signals from the muscle, allowing deeper and longer muscle treatment.

The increased muscular blood flow caused by the TheraGun produces numerous benefits for athletes, driving improved performance. Before a workout or competition, trainers can use the TheraGun to warm up their clients’ muscles in a quarter of the time, as well as address existing soreness, which helps the athlete perform in their optimal condition. The TheraGun also provides an efficient way to flush lactic acid out of the athlete’s muscles post-workout. At the end of a session, the TheraGun improves blood flow through muscles and joints, minimizing lactic acid, resulting in reduced soreness and accelerating the recovery process. Once the soreness and muscle pain are addressed, the trainer can bring their client to peak performance. With an accelerated recovery period, the client is ready to perform again and again.

Additionally, the TheraGun helps heal old injuries where scar tissue buildup has caused a limited range of motion. The use of a TheraGun on scar tissue increases blood flow to that area, which helps to increase the range of motion, allowing the athlete a more complete and pain-free workout or performance.

The TheraGun’s functionality allows trainers to treat more athletes with better results. A lightweight, compact and mobile device, the battery operated TheraGun can be used anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the TheraGun’s compact size and ease of use makes it the ideal tool for trainers in the gym or on the field. Trainers can use it to treat several patients at a time. While working on one athlete, the trainer can have other athletes use the TheraGun to work on their own bodies. The easily exchangeable AmpBITs can be used to customize the muscle treatment.

Use the TheraGun G2PRO™:
  • Prior to the workout, for as little as 2-5 minutes on the entire body, or on a specific body part to warm up the muscles
  • To reduce muscle knots with significantly less pain and for longer treatment periods, than with other methods such as a foam roller
  • To treat the area of the body that was worked on in previous days to eliminate soreness, allowing the client to train again, harder, without post-workout pain
  • To treat cramps and knots during a workout or event and flush lactic acid on the go
  • To push out stored lactic acid by increasing blood flow in as little as 2-5 minutes
  • To help in the prevention of injuries by increasing blood flow to the specific area that is being treated

Results: The TheraGun has been shown to help athletes prevent injury, accelerate recovery and decrease post-workout muscle pain.

“I use the TheraGun on my body and with my students because it helps greatly in the daily struggle for a body's balance, especially on sore muscles to promote blood flow and speed up recovery, as well as on injured areas to help loosen scar tissue for mobility. Since adding the TheraGun to my business and athletic life, I and those around me have been able to recover faster and stay healthier. I recommend the TheraGun to everyone!”
--- Eddy Newton, Martial Arts and Strength & Conditioning Coach at Level 10 Fitness

The following are featured videos of Dr. Jason S. Wersland, DC at The Yard in Hermosa Beach, CA working on Lisa and Miki Barber showing you how to use the TheraGun G1 on different parts of your patients body for loosening, injury prevention and recovery.

Working On Others: Lumbar & Glutes

Working On Others: Shoulders & Traps

 Working On Others: Rotator & Labrum 

Working On Others: Hamstrings & IT Band

Working On Others: Traps & Rhomboids