Testimonial Build

" I feel it helps loosen me up pre workout, relieves pain and helps me warm up for my workout or game. And it helps me post work out with tightness and getting out lactic acid."
James Anderson - 10 Year NFL Veteran

" When I use the TheraGun, it produces immediate results. The best part is it's easy to use, it's light weight and you can travel with it."
Lisa Barber - US Track & Field Team, 3x US Champion & 3x World Champion

" I have been having some hamstring issues this year, and any problem that I have the TheraGun will just go in there and loosen everything up and take care of the problem."
- Miki Barber - US Track & Field Team, Olympian & World Champion

" I picked up a TheraGun at the Crossfit games this year and it has already become a huge part of how I work on my clients! Using the gun before stretching and soft tissue work makes a significant difference in improving ROM and how fast the athletes I'm working with are able to recover from the high intensity of Crossfit. Couldn't be happier!!!"
- Bobby Baum - Evoke Fitness

" I’m 56, very active and a former Pro Beach Volleyball player. I still play beach volleyball regularly, practice yoga and hit the gym. I had an achy shoulder for 2 years and just accepted it as an age ailment but 3 sessions with Dr Jason’s TheraGun and the pain was gone. Amazing!! The TheraGun is an incredible scientific breakthrough for healing and recovery and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to stay vital and active."
- Kevin Cleary - Founder of AVP

" TheraGun has been a big assist to the Fischer Institute in our areas of rehab and sports performance! Our patients and athletes rave about the results they achieve by utilizing the TheraGun. I highly recommend the TheraGun ."
- Brett Fischer, PT,ATC,CSCS,CertDN | Owner of the Fischer Institute

“Theragun is a great tool that I use before each game and workout to get me into prime condition to play and train at my very best” 
- Nick Foles, QB for the Kansas City Chiefs

“The TheraGun G1 was huge in my pre-practice and pre-game preparation. So much of your performance is based on your preparation and G1 gave me my best preparation before practice and games."
- Kyle Juszczyk, Fullback for Baltimore Ravens (2017 Pro Bowler)

Being a professional athlete you're always looking for a competitive edge. I've been using my TheraGun for almost 2 years now and it has made a tremendous difference in my muscle recovery. I've felt more fresh and ready to go the next day following those difficult back to back sessions. Not to mention it was the main reason I was able to fully recover from a calf tear, after other forms of deep muscle therapy failed to rid all the scar tissue. If you expect elite then make TheraGun your best friend. You won't regret it!
Chuck Liddell - Former Light Heavyweight World Champion UFC Fighter

Your TheraGun is the real deal man. This is my 4th season in the NFL and this is one of the best modalities I've come across. Compact, mobile, rugged. I've been using it every day throughout training camp.” 
Michael Mauti - New Orleans Saints, Linebacker

“Theragun is a great tool that I use before each game and workout to get me into prime condition to play and train at my very best” 

- Zach Miller, TE for Chicago Bears

I use a TheraGun on my body and with my students because it helps greatly in the daily struggle for a body's balance. Especially on sore muscles to promote blood flow and speed up recovery and on injured areas to help loosen scar tissue for mobility. Since adding the TheraGun into my business and athletic life, myself and those around me have been able to recover faster and stay healthier. I recommend TheraGun to everyone! ” 
Edward Newton - Trainer at Level 10 Fitness (former pro fighter and football player)

 Correcting the muscular imbalances by using the TheraGun, allows me to achieve faster spinal correction, which in return provides for a better post treatment report of findings. I find that using the TheraGun improves our ability to improve posture-neutral by relieving the stress in the over-worked muscles. This then helps my active care therapy department to by-pass the time spent on lengthening the tight muscles and focus on strengthening the weakened areas.  If you’re a doctor where you focus is on correction of the causes of pain due to physical stress then you shouldn’t be practicing without TheraGun.” 
- Dr. Robert Pomahac, DC, BS

The TheraGun is a tool I use with all of my clients to help improve soft tissue quality, improve mobility and flexibility pre workout, intra- set, and post workout!  every one of my clients loves it! It is the best massage tool on the market that trainers and coaches get results from. My athletes don't have to schedule their massages daily and when they are traveling when they can take this with them, you will gain your investment back quickly and never leave home without one again, thanks Jason.” 
Gabe Rangel, ATHOS, ATC.

I have been using TheraGun both personally and professionally for over a year. It has become one of the most important tools I use, both during training sessions to help activate muscle fibers and after for recovery. I can't live without it!” 
Timalee Snow, LMT, ATC.

In 2015, chiropractor and inventor, Dr. Jason Wersland introduced the TheraGun to my wife and I. It has helped us significantly in relieving stiffness before and after exercise, and I would highly recommend it for those seeking to stay limber and active.”” 
Oliver Stone - Oscar Award Winning Director & Producer

I am a physical therapist in Santa Monica, California. I've been using the TheraGun for about three months now and I have to say it has improved my quality of care in many ways. First and foremost it has improved the length of treatment for our plantar fasciitis cases quite significantly. The patients are going from 6-8 out of 10 pain to 2-3 out of 10 in a few sessions. Also it has enhanced my customer satisfaction with neck and back cases. And lastly, it is greatly saving my thumbs and hands from some of the heavy massage that has been affecting my work. Thanks again and great work!” 
Jason Tanaka - University Foot & Ankle Institute

We have had the TheraGun our office since its inception and can't keep it on the shelves. Patients absolutely love the results it provides and our physicians, therapists and trainers alike all use this on a daily basis for increased patient recovery, rehabilitation and fitness. We have used many different tools like it in the market and have not seen its equal in the benefit, durability (we use it on over 100 patients a day) and treatment outcomes. I would highly recommend that this be a part of any physician, healer or therapists tool kit.” 
Dr. Kirk Wersland, DC - Integrated Wellness

Being an athlete competing on a high level and always being healthy is one of the most difficult equations to solve.  Doing action films and repeating the same high intensity moves over and over is one thing, clean and perfect is another. If I didn't have Jason and his TheraGun during the making of my documentary “killer legs" I probably wouldn't have set the new fastest kick record.  I love the TheraGun and use it every day!” 
Alexander Wraith - Stunt Double & Kickboxer