For Chiropractors

A chiropractor's most valuable tools are his or her hands. The TheraGun can be used by chiropractors to work on a patient’s muscles in a more effective, less tiring way. The lightweight design acts as an extension of the hands, resulting in easier detection of hypertonic and knotted muscles.

In order to provide deep muscle treatment, most devices and therapies cause the patient a great deal of pain, limiting their effectiveness and causing discomfort. The TheraGun’s AmpBIT uses a strong percussive force on the muscle that creates intense blood flow to help the muscle recover without the pain normally associated with deep muscle treatment. The TheraGun uses a unique combination of frequency and amplitude that inhibits the brain from sensing pain signals from the muscle, allowing chiropractors to perform deeper and longer muscle treatment. The chiropractor can then get to the root cause of the patient's pain. This leads to a more accurate diagnosis, which then results in a more effective adjustment.

The increased muscular blood flow caused by the TheraGun produces numerous benefits, driving improved performance. Additionally, the TheraGun is an efficient way to flush the lactic acid out of the patient’s muscles. It improves blood flow through muscles and joints, minimizing lactic acid, resulting in reduced soreness and accelerating the recovery process. The TheraGun also helps heal old injuries where scar tissue buildup has caused a limited range of motion. The use of a TheraGun on scar tissue increases blood flow to that area, which helps to increase the range of motion.

Neuromuscular re-education is a technique used to restore normal movement. Together, the nerves and muscles work to produce movements. Nerves send signals between the muscles and the brain about when, where and how fast to move. Daily wear and tear causes micro-traumas to the nervous system. The TheraGun addresses this wear and tear and recharges the patient’s nervous system.

A lightweight, compact and mobile device, the TheraGun can be used anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the TheraGun’s compact size and ease of use make it the ideal tool for a chiropractor’s practice. The easily exchangeable AmpBITs can be used to customize the muscle treatment. The TheraGun treatment can serve as an additional service which the chiropractor can bill the patient. The battery operated TheraGun can also be easily transported from room to room, patient to patient, with no cords, while enhancing the overall experience.

Use the TheraGun G2PRO™:
  • As the first step in an adjustment
  • To speak to the nervous system, overriding pain and allowing the muscle and surrounding tissue to relax. With the patient more relaxed, the adjustment can be made more easily
  • To more accurately diagnose a patient's musculoskeletal pain and symptoms.
  • To apply pressure to a muscle while performing A.R.T., P.I.R. or most manual therapy
  • To treat the rotator cuff muscles and other smaller important muscles
  • To loosen up hamstrings and other important postural muscles
  • On tendons, ligaments and scar tissue to help heat the tissue and increase blood flow directly
  • As a neuromuscular reeducation tool
  • To stimulate nerves with pathology that limits a patient’s range of motion
  • To treat patients’ muscle cramps from functional rehabilitation

Results: Patients experience a marked decrease in pain that lasts from minutes to hours. Normalization of the patient's gait pattern and an immediate response from the nervous system separate the TheraGun from its competition.
“I’ve been in practice for over 15 years. I’ve tried just about every mechanical massage tool on the market, and nothing compares to the TheraGun. First, it’s cordless, and that in itself is such an advantage when I’m in the field working on my pro athletes. In the office, the TheraGun is part of my regular patient treatment protocol. It allows me to provide a billable service and help patients with their inflamed muscles, which eliminates a major contributing cause to their overall health concern. Correcting muscular imbalances by using the TheraGun allows me to achieve faster spinal correction, which in turn provides a better post-treatment report of findings. I find that using the TheraGun improves our ability to improve posture neutral by relieving stress in the overworked muscles. This then helps my active care therapy department to bypass the time spent on lengthening the tight muscles and focus on strengthening the weakened areas. If you’re a doctor where your focus is on the correction of the causes of pain due to physical stress, then you shouldn’t be practicing without the TheraGun.”
– Dr. Robert Pomahac, DC, BS
“We have had the TheraGun in our office since its inception. Our patients absolutely love the results it provides and our physicians, therapists and trainers alike all use it on a daily basis for increased patient recovery, rehabilitation and fitness.”
– Dr. Kirk Wersland, DC

The following are featured videos of Dr. Jason S. Wersland, DC at The Yard in Hermosa Beach, CA working on Lisa and Miki Barber showing you how to use the TheraGun G1 on different parts of your patients body for loosening, injury prevention and recovery.

Working On Others: Lumbar & Glutes

Working On Others: Shoulders & Traps

 Working On Others: Rotator & Labrum 

Working On Others: Hamstrings & IT Band

Working On Others: Traps & Rhomboids