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What People are Saying

Best Recovery Tool. Our gym uses this on average 4 hours a day. There’s always a line for it and we absolutely can not recommend it enough. 5/5 will be buying more!

Gregory B. // Customer

This is an amazing product. Placed it on my shoulder which has had a knot for years that even the best massage therapist could not get to release. 15 seconds and I felt it release. Oh my god best investment I have made in years.

Israel R. // Customer

The chronic pain in my hamstrings that has been there for eight years has GREATLY disappeared.

Scott M. // Customer

This is the best $600 I have spent in a long time. I use it before and after my workouts. It really works!!

Jeff N. // TheraGun Customer

I have spent hundreds of dollars on massage, cupping, physical therapy and chiropractor care trying to heal neck and shoulder pain. After only using for a few minutes a day, for two weeks, my pain has already decreased significantly.

Denee R. // Customer

It helps me as a chiropractor, when working with soft tissues: stretching, trigger points, and patient’s post workout recovery! I can’t speak highly enough about the Theragun! It’s a must have if you do any type of manual medicine, especially with athletes!

Nate M. // Chiropractor and TheraGun Customer

You can achieve in 10 minutes what it takes 90 minutes of foam rolling to accomplish.

Amazon Customer

My trainer and chiropractor both endorsed my use of it, and I recently had dinner with NBA trainers who said they had purchased nine of them and all their players loved them.

Richard S. // Customer

In the course of 6 weeks this has eliminated all back pain by loosening up the muscles in my glutes. I can now go Legend in the gym again and it feels awesome to go as hard in my 30s as I did in my 20s.

Christopher T. // Customer

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